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These are some of our favorite links we hope you will enjoy them too!

Native American Resource Center This site is full of Information; there is a list of all the Gov.Rolls on Cherokees as well as Link sites on Tribes listed by State.

Broad River Band of CherokeeO'siyo this South Carolina Band is an affiliate of The Cherokee Indians of Georgia Tribe,take the time to look over there site!!!
Cherokee Heritage CenterDedicated to the preservation and promotion of
Cherokee history and culture.

Native Nashville Tanasi News Great Site For all Indian News!!! all Indian news at your finger Tips A must read for American Indians to stay up to date!!

Oakville Mounds Ala. Protest By Echota Cherokee Stand with our fellow Cherokee on this event.
Cherokeendn E-Group This is a Cherokee Genealogy E- Group a wonderful place for people looking for their Cherokee roots this site is highly recommend by J.Windwalker Johnson Elder and Tribal Councilman.
Dedication Site For The Trail Of Fears Protest This site is dedicated to the ones who stood up and were counted.