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Cherokee Indians of Georgia
Cherokee News !!

The Echota Cherokee Tribe in Alabama was protesting the Jaycees use of the Burial Mounds at Oakville Ala. for a halloween attraction, called THE TRAIL OF FEARS which was a insult, that was of so great a nature, one can hardly believe it. We lost so many of our ancesters, on the Trail of Tears, and for these people, not to consider our peoples feelings in this maner is shocking. The Blue Clan Chief M. Shelton, was contacted by J.Windwalker Johnson of our Tribal Council at the time by phone, Windwalker assured Chief Shelton, of our prayers and support. Windwalker contacted a number of sources, at the time this was going on, to aid the Echota. The Echota had to seek legal help, and we all know what an expense that can be.

If you would like to know more about the Protest or send financial aid go to http://members.tripod.com/cherokee_ne_al/ or Visit our Tribes Favorite Links Page and just click onto it.

We as American Indians should stand up and be counted for that is what makes a people Strong!! For too long we have been divided now we should put aside our differences as Indians both mixed blood and full then we will be MANY......... J.Windwalker Johnson

Please check back soon! :-)

The above Photo is of James Windwalker Johnson Tribal Council member