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Osiyo Tsilugi (hello welcome) to Our Cherokee Cultural Page

Cherokee Indians of Georgia are proud of their Cherokee heritage. And we share that heritage in as many ways as possible. This web site is only one way we have of sharing our heritage. We hope you enjoy this site Wa do.
We are in the process of posting the Cherokee festival's with narrative. Check back soon too see!

  Famous Cherokee Chiefs
Dragging Canoe
John Ross
John Bowels
Others to be listed soon work in progress!! Wa Do

Sequoyah a famous Cherokee, the son of a white fur trader, and a Cherokee mother, she was the daughter of a Cherokee Chief. Sequoyah invented the Cherokee alphabet.

  Major Dates in Cherokee HistoryIN 1540 Hernando De Soto a Spanish explorer in search of gold travelled thru Cherokee country. In 1776 Cherokee make war on Patriots after siding with the British.IN 1819 Sequoyah (George Guest)finished the Cherokee alphabet. In 1827 at New Echota the Cherokee Nation writes it's first Constitution.IN 1835 Cherokee Nation turns over what is left of their land holdings in the East to The United States per Treaty of New Echota. In 1838 Cherokee are forced to leave for what history will call the Trail of Tears. 1846 marks the end of the Cherokee Civil War fought between factions of the old settlers Party, the Treaty Party,and the John Ross Party this seven yr. civil war caused many Cherokee to flee Cherokee territory. In 1861 Western Cherokees allied with the South in American Civil war. Chief Standwattie rises to the rank of Br. General becoming the highest ranking American Indian of either side in the war. In 1907 Cherokee are made Citizens of Ok. and United States.

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  The Seven Clans of Cherokee
Paint Clan ------------Bear Clan
Wolf Clan ------------Deer Clan
Bird Clan -------------Blue Clan
Longhair Clan

Tomahawk and Pipe
Were proud possessions