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O'siyo Tsilugi Tsalagi Tsogalii Yigauu Osaniyu Adanvto Adadoligi Nigohilvi Nasquv Utloyasdi Nihi
We are descendants of Cherokee who chose to remain in Georgia
Our Tribe filed a letter of intent to petition for Federal recognition in August 1977 this is an on going process as it involves alot of research. Our Principal Chief James "Young Bear" Reynolds heart is for the people, and he is always conscious of the responsibility that the office places upon him. We are blessed to have a person like him for Principal Chief. Our Heritage is one of endurance as we have endured to maintain our culture through years of racial discrimination and indifference.We as always choose to embrace our Cherokee heritage and remember our culture. We seek to honor our ancestors as we follow the path of beauty. By encouraging Tribal members to follow and pass on Cherokee traditions and customs we perserve future generations of Cherokee

Cherokee Indians of Georgia News
Broad River Band Chief J.Windwalker Johnson and his wife have visited several Pow Wows the past few years and they have represented our Tribe at each one during the offical ceremonies Chief J.Windwalker Johnson Honored our Tribe as he was asked to carry the Eagle Feather Staff at the SC State Indians Affairs Commission Pow Wow on the SC State Capital grounds. While there, they meet several Tribal Chief's and member's from many other Tribal Nation's, everyone was real cordial. Many items, of mutual interest were discussed, which gave insight in several areas.  They really enjoyed their visit's. The Johnson's are Wolf Clan!! Att: Do you have a news Item that you would like to send us ? Just E-mail it to the following> postmaster@cherokee-indians-of-ga-inc.opi.com All correspondence becomes the property of the site manger. Notice all correspondence is subject to approval for content value.

Cherokee Indians of Georgia Tribal Clans Spotlight
This Month the LongHair clan is in the Spotlight. Members of the LongHair Clan have been very busy helping others, be it the food bank or standing up and being counted with American Indian causes. This clan has let there actions speak for them.

Tsa la gi Wisdom
Actions Speak Louder Than Words!!

Be Quick to listen and Slow to Speak!!